Jack was born on May 2, 1920 at Toronto.
He enlisted in the RCAF on November 26, 1940 at Toronto.
He trained at #2 Manning Depot, Brandon; Guard Duty, Jericho Beach, BC.; #2 Wireless School, Calgary;
#1 CTS, Trenton; #3 B&G, MacDonald, Man. where he received his Air Gunner wing on November 24, 1941.
Jack was posted overseas to #3 PRC, Bournemouth.
He trained at #1 AAS, Manby; Feb 22/42 to Mar 26/42; #22 OTU, Wellesbourne, Oakington.
Jack was posted to # 214 Squadron, RAF 3 Group Bomber Command at Wellesbourne and Stradishall.
His crew on Ops.: *Pilot - F/Sgt Ron Davison, RAF; *OBS - Sgt/ R. Dempsay, RAF; *WAG - F/Sgt. G. Phalempin RCAF; *BA - Sgt. G.D.Murray RCAF; *F/E - Sgt. S.A. Miller RAF; RG - Sgt. J. Cameron RCAF.
* Killed in Action.
I did three trips on the 1000 bomber raids from OTU in 1C Wellington’s and the third could have been fatal. After we bombed the target on our way home, we were told to fly over the sea at 1000 feet. One engine died and the 1C Wimpy was forced to ditch. The pilot made a good landing on the sea and we all got out of the aircraft. I released the dinghy from its position in the tail section. We all swam and climbed into the dinghy and spent 112 hours on the North Sea. We were spotted by a Wellington aircraft doing a square search for one of their own squadron.
After OTU, we were posted to 214 squadron on Stirlings. On our 3rd trip, October 13, 1942 to Kiel, we were coned by searchlights and a night fighter finished us off. The whole front of the aircraft was ablaze, no intercom or hydraulics. I had been hit in the foot, to what extent, I didn’t know and with the aircraft on fire, I hit the silk.
Prison Camps;
Schleswig Hosing Obermasfeld (Kriegie Hospital); Stalag Luft 1, Barth; Stalag 20A, Thorn; Stalag Luft VI, Heydekrug; Stalag 357, Falling Bostel.
Jack was demobbed at Toronto on November 1, 1945.
He worked at the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
He was married to Glady, they had two daughters - Donna Sharpe and Leslie Cameron  January 29,2002