Crew Consisted of: Pilot - W/C R.L.Bolduc, Navigator - P/O W.H.Hartman , Bombaimer - F/O N.B. Elkin,  W.O.P - G.D.Parry,  Mid Upper Gunner - (Joe) G.R.Davis, Rear Gunner - H.L. Paton, Engineer - N. Hall

We had just finished a trip and we were all happy to be back.

Joe -October 15, 1943

Most Memorable Operation

Joe - January 12, 2000

It was October 14, 1944 and we bombed Duisberg in the morning and the American Eighth Army Airforce hit the same target in the afternoon, and we bombed it again in the evening. Didnít need the navigator for the second trip, as we could see the glow in the sky, as we crossed the French coast. This was a very easy trip as there was no flak and the searchlights were pointing straight up, with nobody down below operating them.

An English reporter was on both raids, the next day in papers, big headlines, ( I saw  Duisberg die). WE bombed it twice more, later on.

On September 9 1944 our target was Dortmund. A shell went through the bottom of the aircraft and out the top of the fuselage five feet aft of the midupper turret, luckily it didnít explode but it did hit the rear gunnerís ammunition,sending the bullets through one side of the fuselage and the cartridge through the other side.

Joe was born in Toronto on May 4, 1922 and completed High School at Riverdale Collegiate. He enlisted on Decembere 10, 1942 and was at Camp Borden, Quebec City and #9 Bombing and Gunnery school at Mont Joli, where he graduated as an Air Gunner on October 15, 1943 and was posted to England on October 31, 1943.

Crewed up at #82 Operational Training Unit , Ossington near Newark flying Wellingtons and then # 1666 Conversion Unit at Wombleton, Yorkshire on    Halifax IIs.

Posted to #429 Squadron, Leeming, where he successfully completed his tour of 34 Operations as a mid-upper gunner.

He was married on July 25, 1942 before going overseas, and is the proud father of three daughters and four grandchildren. He was overseas when his eldest daughter was born, and didnít see her till she was almost two years old.

After the war he joined the Toronto Fire Department, and retired 41 years later as a Distsrict Chief.