Gillie was born on May 21, 1921 at Winnipeg, Man,
He attended St.John’s Tech. in Winnipeg.
Gillie was joined the Can. Army RCE - March 27, 1940 and was discharged on 10 Nov. 1941 and he joined the RCAF on November 11, 1941.
He trained at #2 Manning Depot, Brandon; #3 ITS, Regina; #1 CTS, Trenton (Remustered); #3 B&G, MacDonald where he was awarded his Air Gunner Wing on August 12, 1942.
He was posted to “Y’ Depot, Halifax and then posted overseas on November 5, 1942 to #3 PRC Bournemouth.
He trained at #81 OTU, Whitechurch, Shropshire on Whitleys and at #1662 HCU, Blyth, Lincolnshire, Lancasters.
Gillie was posted to #103 Squadron, RAF 1 Group Bomber Command at Elsham Woulds.
His crew consisted of: PILOT - F/O Doug Finley RAF; NAV.- Sgt. John(Mac)MacFarlane RAF; BA - Sgt. Ian Flecher RAF; WAG - MacDonald RAF: MUG - Sgt. James Vivers RAAF; FE - Sgt. John(Sandy) Rowe RAF:
Our regular WAG - Harry Wheeler RAF, flying spare and KIA August 23, 1943.

August 17, 1943 - Target Peenemunde - Our crew was on the first wave on this target. The briefing was that we were to fly a course that had been used to fly towards Berlin and to change course just before we reached the target. This caught the defense force off guard. As a result, we in the first wave got off nearly scot free. Subsequent waves took a beating. Sitting in the rear turret and watching aircraft after aircraft being attacked and shot down was, to put it mildly, a disquieting experience.
Shot down September 23, 1943. Target Mannheim, 23rd Operation. On target approach Mid Upper reported that we were hit by light flak. Later found out to be aircraft with twin cannon firing upward.
Prison Camps - Dulag Luft, Frankfurt; Stalag Luft 6, Heydekrug; Stalag Luft 3, Belaria; Stalag 3A Lukenwalde.
Gillie was demobbed at Winnipeg in August 1945.
Winnipeg Police Officer till December 1946; Resigned Commission and re-enlisted in RCAF as a LCA Armourer, Jan 1/47. Served across Canada and in France until 1968. Became a Secondary School Teacher for the Peel Board of Education until retirement in 1986.
Married May 16, 1942 to Joyce Freda Randall. Still married. Three children William, Barry and Gaye.
Gillie has been an active Scouter, with the Boy Scouts of Canada for over fifty-five years. Holder of the highest award “Silver Acorn”             February 1, 2002.