Norley was born on February 24, 1924 in Toronto, Ontario.
He received a Sr. Matric diploma from Runneymede High School.
He enlisted in the RCAF at Toronto. #1 Manning Depot, Toronto; Beale Technical Depot, London; #3 Wireless School, Guelp; Turret Training, Trenton and #3 B&G, MacDonald where he received his AG in 1942.
He was posted overseas to #3 PRC at Bournemouth. Posted to #22 OTU, Wellesbourne (Gaydon) (Wellingtons) #1679 HCU Wombleton (Halifax’s)
He was posted to 426 Squadron, RCAF 6 Group, Bomber Command(Cdn) at Linton on Ouse.
His crew consisted of F/O Pilot - R.Jones RCAF; F/O NAV L.Goheen RCAF; BA - F/O Rusty Bick RCAF; WAG F/O Don Younger RCAF; FE F/Sgt R. Hollingdrake RAF.
All members of the crew were POW’s.
Memorable Ops.
While stationed at Wombleton we ran off the runway into the mud. Fortunately no damage to the aircraft. On a Wellington training flight when stationed at OTU, we were sent to drop leaflets over Marseilles. On return the aircraft caught on fire and had to crash land. Rear gunner was burnt. Another incident happened at OTU, when our airspeed indicator was not working. Station had to send up another aircraft to fly beside us in order for us to land at proper speed.
On returning from an OP - target Waniekel we were hit by flak resulting in 18 holes in our gas tank. I could see the gas flowing out from my mid-upper position. Just got over channel and landed at emergency base at Woodbridge. Had to stay over night until aircraft repaired and returned next day.
Shot down November 4, 1944 on 17th trip. Our target was Bocham. Attacked on return trip after dropping bombs. All crew bailed out over Cologne. Fortunately all crew survived. We were jailed in Cologne, then shipped to Dulag Luft, Frankfurt; Luft 7, Breslau; Forced march to StalagIIIA, Luckenwalde. Liberated by the Russians. Flown from Brussels back to England.
Norley was demobbed at Toronto on September 1945.
Sole proprietor - Butcher Shop, Islington, Ontario.
Married to wife, Doreen, two daughters and one son and seven grandchildren.  February 3, 2002