Doug was born on March 24, 1919 at River Hebert, Nova Scotia.
He attended River Hebert High School and tben worked 3 years at Bank of Nova Scotia.
He joined the RCAF at Moncton, NB on May 1940.
He trained at #1 Manning Depot, Toronto; #2 ITS, Regina; #1 Wireless School, Montreal & #1 Gunnery School, Jarvis, Ontario, where he received his AG wing in January 1941.
He was posted overseas to Uxbridge, England, Januaruy 1941. He did his OTU, Cotesmore, Cranwell RAF College, OTU, Wireless, Abingdon.
He was posted to 78 Squadron (RAF) at Middleton St.George - Croft and then to 427 Squadron RCAF at Linton-on-Ouse - Leeming.
Doug did 41 Operational trips and he flew with 19 different captains and crews.
Flying on Whitley’s: During the period May 30, 1942 to June 25, 1942 we flew on the first three 1000 bomber raids - Essen, Bremen and Cologne.
On Dec. 18, 1941, we crashed on the way to Brest. On Dec 27th lost Port Engine over Dusseldorf, forced landed Horsham St. Faith.
On Jan 2, 1942, we crashed returning from St.Nazaire. I was the only crew member to resume flying. On Nov. 9 1942 while flying a Halifax on a trip to Hamburg we received a ditching order, but forced landed at Acklington.
On Nov.7/42 we experienced an interesting trip to Genoa, Italy over the Alps.
Shot down by a night fighter on a raid on Hanover, January 5, 1945. 4 crew members were killed. 3 bailed out - myself, navigator were unhurt, the bombaimer broke his hip when he bailed out. I was captured the next day walking on the road, in a snowstorm. German Homeguard. Civilians roughed me up then turned me over to the Luftwaffe that night. Jailed in Hanover, then to Dulag Luft. Not pleasant.
Dulag Luft, Frankfurt; Stalag 13D, Nurnburg; Stalag 7A. Moosburg.
Doug was demobbed at Halifax, Nova Scotia on September, 1945.
Resumed position with the Bank of Nova Scotia - retired 1982 - 45 years of service.
Married - wife Roberta - one daughter Judy, son-in-law John Lorenzoni two lovelly grand daughters Tara and Jazmin.        February 3, 2002