Most Memorable Operation

Op #1 in “Q Queenie “ to Bonnetot, France on June 24, 1944 when the crew really got to know one another and realized “hey guys, this is really it!” - and what’s more, we made it, in broad daylight.

Op #4 in “N Nan” at 6 hours, 15 minutes, the longest night. Too many close calls, but the team really pulled together on this one and the touch-down set us free for another day.

Op #10 to Stuggart for 8 hours, 35 minutes on July 25, 1944, when a lot of guys went down, seconds or a few feet away.

Op #33 in “V Victor” which brought us home from 19 previous trips, and Essen would never look the same. “Victor” has always meant “Praise be to God” to these seven men. A.E. Patterson (Pilot), Dave Vickerrs (Nav) Eric Alp (Bomb Aimer), Ross Armstrong(WOP), Mel T. Watson (MUG), Bob Scottie Forbes (F/E) and Self.


Tom was born in Monteal on December 9, 1923 and attended Westmount High School. He enlisted in the RCAF in Montreal on December 9, 1942 and was posted to Manning Depot at Brandon. Then on to Mount Joli #9 B & G School graduating as an Air Gunner in October 1943. Posted overseas to #429 Squadron in 6 Group. He was discharged on March 8, 1945 at St. Hubert Que.

Tom became a buyer with Henry Morgan & Co., in Montreal, and with Eaton’s in Toronto. Following that, he opened his own business in Aurora.