190 Squadron - 38 Group

Battle of Arnhem - Using Stirling IVs towed Horsa gliders on Sept. 18, 1944 dopping paniers and on Sept 20, 1944 we were supposed to go again on July 22, 1944 but on Sept. 21, 1944 the squadron dispatched 10 Stirlings and only three came back, so there were no serviceable aircraft left for us to use on Sept 22, 1944.

Returned to original employer Toronto Elevators Ltd. which became Maple Leaf Mills Ltd. in 1960. Took early retirement in April, 1987 with 46 years service as Director of Traffic (Transportation)  I married Helen Duff in October, 1952 and we have two sons and one daughter with four grandchildren.

Other operations included dropping of supplies for the underground in Norway, France and Holland and paratroops in Germany. Ferried the first airborne division to Oslo to accept the surrender of Germans in Norway at war’s end. In September 1999 he with his pilot F/lt Hugh Allan and wives travelled to Oosterbeek (Arnhem) Holland to attend the 55th anniversary commenorating the Battle of Arnhem.