Gerry and “Donald the Duck” at

Gerry was born on October 25, 1922 at Toronto, Ontario. He attended Brown School at Upper Canada College.
He enlisted in the RCAF in Toronto, did his Manning Depot at Toronto and his ITS also at Toronto. Then his EFTS at Oshawa; Gunnery ITS at Quebec City; #9 B&G at Mont Joli where he received his Air Gunnery wing on June 8, 1943 and was posted to the UK in September of 1943.
He was posted to #83 OTU, Peplow, #1656 Conversion Unit, #1 Lancaster finishing school, #635 Squadron, Kelston; #12 Base Binbrook, special duties flight. He was posted to #625, 12 Squadron RAF, Bomber Command
His Crew on Ops: F/L J.N.Marks (Pilot); F/O S. Telford (BA); F/O A.Tomkinson (Nav.) P/O R.T. Roman (FE)
Sgt. H.Cook (WOG); F/L F.N. Fard (rear AG); Sgt. J.G. Ritch (MUG).

Gerry left the service in June 1945 in Toronto and attended the U. of T. in business.
Gerry’s first wife, Nancy died in June 1970. In December 1972, he and Ragna were married. They moved from Toronto to Shanty Bay in October 1984.