Jack was born in Toronto on April 21, 1925. He was educated at Swansea P.S. and Runnymede High School in Toronto.
He enlisted in the RCAF at Toronto on October 18, 1943. Manning Depot, Toronto; McGill University; #10 B&G School PEI; #3 AGTS and #1 Y Depot. He received his AG wing at #10 B&G, PEI.
He was posted to the UK in July, 1944. He did his OTU training at Sturgate, Sandtoft. He was posted to #170 Squadron, #1 Group Hemswell, Lincs.
His crew consisted of: Charles Finch (pilot); Robert Montano (navigator); George Henderson (F/E); Bill Jackson (B/A); Art Brown (WOP); Edward Maloof (AG).
Among his memorable incidents, Jack remembers best his first operational trip to Nuremberg on March 10. 1945. He recalls well the food drops to the starving people of Holland which first started on April 25, 1945.  He also can’t forget the op to Hanover on March 22, 1945 when bad weather, and heavy turbulence broke loose the Elsan, which had been in use, not surprisingly. With “bleep” all over the rear of the Lancaster, he was thankful that the turret doors were firmly closed.
Before being sent home, Jack was posted to Paignton - “what a holiday” he says - the aircrew had lots of money, went to parade by taxi, and ate only one meal a day in the mess hall in three months. Never had it so good! During the war, Jack flew in Bolingbroke, Wellington and Lancaster aircraft.
Jack was demobbed in Toronto in March 1946.
Career: Attended a DVA course in business administration at U.ofT. He then joined the family business manufacturing building hardware, full time late in 1946 and is still at it.
Jack enjoys a hobby he has engaged in since 1931, that is, model railroading
Jack married Marion on Oct 13, 1951 they have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.           February 6, 2002