Mel was born on October 18, 1922 at Montreal. Attending McGill University in 1942 and quit to join RCAF.
He enlisted in the RCAF in August, 1942 at Montreal: #5 Manning Depot, Lachine; ITS, Victoriaville: #9 B&G School, Monti Joli where he received his AG wing in September, 1943.
He was posted overseas to the UK.  OTU, Pershore; OTU Stratford; #1666 HCU Wombleton. He was then posted to # 429 Squadron at Leeming.
His crew consisted of Al Patterson(pilot);Dave Vickers (navigator and brother of singer, Jon Vickers); Tom McCammon (rear gunner and member of MTB).
Memorable Op:
Not exactlyan “op” but Mel mentions that he and MTB member Grant McRae are cousins. He says that Grant was shot down on a Stuttgart raid and one of his own experiences was also over Stuttgart when their aircraft was “hosed from nose to tail” by light and heavy flak a few times. He adds that they were lucky not to have become guests at the Hitler Hilton. Mel states that he joined the RCAF to avoid the draft. Half-way through his tour of 34 ops. he received his draft notice in the mail requesting him to report to Longueuil. He claims that he asked the Adjutant for boat and  rail tickets back to Canada. Not only was he turned down, but the next night he was on his way to Hamburg - and not the McDonald’s version.
Mel was demobbed in Toronto in August, 1945.
Mel spent 31 years in the TV program distribution business. The company he workded with owned international rights exclusively to programs such as “Ben Casey”; “Little House on the Prairie”; “Love Boat”; “Dallas”; “The Flintstones”; “The Fugitive” and many others.
Mel is married, 3 children and 3 grandchildren - all “fantastic”.          February 6, 2002