John was born in Toronto, Ontario on August 30. 1921. He attended Central Technical School and was enrolled in their aircraft course.
He joined the RCAF in June 22, 1942 at Toronto and trained at St.Thomas, Ont.; Dauphin, Man.; Winnipeg;
#3 B&G MacDonald where he received his AG Wing, April 21, 1944.
He was posted overseas in June, 1944. Trained at #1659 H.C.U. Topcliffe, Yorkshire. He was then posted to
432 Squadron and also served with 405 Squadron.
His crew consisted of A.R.King, F.J.Wallace, T.Waldron, A.J. Dickson, F.E.Stidolph, J.Stone and J.Wright.

Returning from a daylight op in Germany, we taxied to our dispersal point. Some of the crew members got out of the aircraft. The mechanic shouted to the pilot “Don’t open the bomb bay door.” The pilot heard |
“Open Bomb Bay Door” and did so. A 500 lb bomb to the ground. Fortunately it did not go off. But we did have a few anxious moments.
He was demobbed at Toronto on October 23, 1945.

Joined the Ontario Provinvial Police and had 32 years of pensionable service. Many courses taken.
Married for 40 years - wife died in 1990 - no children.
Treasurer of the Halifax Aircraft Association - They raise the money for the restoration of the Halifax bomber in Trenton.  Dec./2002