Bristol Blenheim IV

      Type: Three seat light bomber.
      Powerplant: Two 905 horse power Bristol Mercury XV radial piston engines.
      Performance: Maximum speed 428km/h (266 mph) at 3595m (11,800ft); cruising
       speed 319km/h (198mph); service ceiling 8310 m (27,260 ft); maximum.
       range2350km (1,460 miles).
      Weight: Empty 4441 kg.(9,790 lb); maximum take-off 6532kg (14,400lb.)
      Dimensions: Span 17.17 m (56ft 4in); length 12.98 m (42ft 7in); height 3m (9ft
      10in); wing area 43.57m squared (469 sq ft)
      Armament: Five 7-7-mm(0.303-in) machine-guns (one forward-firing in port
      wing, two in power-operated dorsal turret, and two remotely controlled in
      mounting beneath nose and firing aft), plus up to 454kg(1,000lb) of bombs
       internally and 145kg (320lb) externall

We spread our wings and keep our promise”. The only squadron in the RAF to have its motto in Arabic.