Ross entered the service in Radar and served in Guelph and Clinton. He went overseas as a radar technician, hoping to become a radio observer (RO Wing). In the UK the course was being offered only to navigators in 1943. Ross remustered to aircrew in the UK, was sent back to Canada for training, and graduated as a commissioned air-bomber - but was never posted back to the UK. As a radar technician, Ross was stationed at Bircham Newton (East Anglia), in Plymouth, and at Wig Bay (Stranrear, Scotland)

Ross was born on June 15, 1921 and attended Northern Secondary School in Toronto, and he enlisted in March 1942. He was awarded his Bomb Aimer wing at Malton in the spring of 1945.

Ross graduated with a B.A. Sc, Electrical Engineering, U. of T. and an M.B.A., from the University of Western Ontario. He served eight years with the Federal Business Development Bank from which he retired after 19 yrs. Ross is divorced with two adult children,