Carm was born on March 3, 1922 in Harvey Twp., Peterborough County. He completed Grade XIII and was a Apprentice Drafteman at Canadian General Electric in Peterborough.

He enlisted on May 22, 1942 at Toronto and served at Manning Depot, Toronto; Mountain View (tarmac duty); #9 EFTS, St.Catharines (Tiger Moths); #7 B & G School. Paulson, Manitoba (Bolingbrokes); #4 Air Observer School, Crumlin, (Ansons). He was awarded his Bomb Aimer Wing at Crumlin on May 28, 1943.

In July 1943 on the Louis Pasteur he sailed to the UK. He trained at #4AFU West Freugh, Scotland (Ansons);#19 Operational Training Unit, Kinloss (Whitleys); #1666 HCU, Wombleton (Halifax 11); Bombing Development Unit, Newmarket (Halifax II and Stirlings; #301 Ferry Training Unit, Lyneham.

He served on #614 Squadron RAF at Celone, Italy and #148 Squadron RAF at Brindisi, Italy.

He received a B. Sc. from Toronto University in 1949 and worked as a mechanical engineer, latterly with Ontario Hydro, retiring April 1987.

Married Barbara Jane Richardson, May 7, 1947. Three children William John (1950), Kathryn Ann (1951), and Stephen Geoffrey Earle (1953).