George was born on September 1, 1917 at Toronto, Ontario.
He attended Vaughan Road Collegiate, later, sales work.
He enlisted in the RCAF on May 13, 1942 at Toronto.
He trained at: #1 Manning Depot, Toronto; #4 Manning Depot, Quebec City; #6 ITS, Toronto; #1 B&G School, Jarvis; #1 AOS, Malton, where he received his Bomb Aimerís Wing on March 19, 1942.
He was posted to the UK on May 11, 1943 arriving at Bournemouth.
He trained at #12 OTU, Chipping Warden and was then posted to #149 RAF Squadron at Lakenheath, Norfolk where he completed 30 Ops on Stirlings.
George cites the following but does not indicate if he was an observer or a participant in this exercise in ďarmy liaisonĒ.
A young, handsome and very smartly attired army officer requested permission to accompany the aircrew on their morning cross-country navigational exercise. He proposed taking over the bomb-aimerís position in the nose of the Stirling and do a little map-reading. The pilot, under-standably, in view of friendly interservice rivalry, decided to give him a real sense of flying by going along at tree-top level for a short distance. A pair of nesting pigeons had just established themselves in one of the trees over which the aircraft passed. There was a terrific bang and a muffled shout of dismay from the nose of the aircraft and shortly the young lieutenant staggered up into the cockpit, covered from head to foot in blood and feathers. A pigeon, startled by the approach of the aircraft had risen from its nest and the resulting impact with the aircraft had cut a neat hole the size of a cricket ball in the perspex as its body disintegrated. Cross-country exercise aborted.
George was demobbed in Toronto on May 14, 1945.
He was in Life Insurance for 35 years and was a CLU.
He has five children, 17 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.   January 16, 2002