The campaign fought by Bomber Command was the longest and the most sustained in British military history. It lasted from 3 September 1939 to May 1945. It cost the lives of 57,000 of its aircrew --- British --- Canadians --- Australians --- New Zealands --- South Africans --- Americans and many other Commonwealth people. A Total which represents well over half of all those who flew on operations.  Nowhere else was the casuality rate so high, perhaps because nowhere else was the battle joined with the enemy on such a continuous and relentless scale.

They were all young men, all highly trained.   They came to England from all corners of the Empire to volunteer for and to create the last of the Great Imperial Forces there would ever be.
In the darkest days they were the symbol that ultimately their world would triumph, whatever the cost.
They were a special breed, on a special crusade, and possessed of a special courage.
They did not ask to live only to win.