Howard Copeman (centre) supported by Polish medical orderlies, Lucian Leziorny (left) and Stefan Zmuda (right) at a POW lazarette near Schlezwig, Germany. Photo taken by a German guard in October, 12942.

Interior of Hut K4 at Stalag Luft VI - 1944

1) German hospital, Aarhus, Denmark, May 16, 1942                        2) Lazarett, Schleswig, Germany, Aug. 14, 1942
3) Dulag Luft Oberuesel, December 2, 1942                                      4) Laz Stalag IXC -- Obermassfeld, Dec. 16, 1942
5) Res.Laz. Kloster, Haina, IX A/H March 26, 1943.                           6) Stalag Luft 6, Heydekrug, Oct. 5, 1943
7) Meilag, IVD, July 18, 1944.                                                             8) Repatriation to UK via Sweden Sept 16, 1944

POW for 2 years and 4 months.

I was repatriated via Sweden on an exchange of wounded prisoners on September 16, 1944. We travelled by the Red Cross hospital ship “Gripsholm” from Goteborg, Sweden to Liverpool, England. The ship was brightly lit at night which made us feel very exposed after so many years of darkness. I well remember the thrilling reception as we travelled up the Mersey Canal to dock at Liverpool. All the vessels in the Canal hooted their sirens in salute as we proceeded to the dock.
 From Liverpool, a half dozen repatriated Canadian airmen were transported by train to No. 23 Canadian Military Hospital at Watford. We were stationed there for about three weeks. During this time the “repats” were given seven days leave. The Canadian Flight Lieutenant who was in charge of our activities on arrival at No.23 was very accomodating and arranged for new uniforms, money and travel accomodation.
In mid-October 1944 I was repatriated to Canada on the hospital ship “Lady Nelson”, arriving at Halifax harbour in the middle of the night. The reception here was an anti-climax to our reception at Liverpool.