Lance was born on Aug 20, 1919 at Muskoka, Ontario. He attended Port Carling High School and worked on his Dadís farm.
He joined the RCAF at Toronto as Ground Crew.
Commonwealth Training School, Galt, Ont.(AFM., AEM., Etc.; Technical Training School, St. Thomas, Ont.
#5 Manning Depot, Lachine; St. Hubert, Quebec. He was posted overseas to #3 PRC Bournemouth. Went over seas as ground crew and remustered to FE, when that position was short handed.
Leamington, Yorkshire March 1943. Flight Engineer Topcliffe, Sept 1943.
He was posted to #428 Squadron, RCAF,  6 Group Bomber Command (Cdn) at Middleton St. George.
His crew on Ops:* Pilot - Sgt. Ken McArthur, RCAF; *BA -P/O Tom Elliot, RCAF; **F/O Allan Thompson, RCAF;
**AG Sgt. R.Raynardm, RCAF; ** AG - Sgt. M.MacDonald, RAF; ** WAG - Sgt. T. Ransom, RAF; ** Sgt. L.Butler,
* Killed   ** POW
While under training our Halifax (due to fog coming in) landed at the wrong airfield, a fighter station and the Control Tower wasnít sure re-- getting off again. We were doing circuits and bumps and our home station sent out rescue to look for us. We made it, but heard about it the next day from our Commanding Officer.
Shot down on Oct 3/43 by flak on the way home from a raid to Kassel (nr Haina). I was loose for 2 days and was captured while sleeping. Spent 10 days in confinement at Dulag Luft, Frankfurt. Pine trees saved me from severe injury, as we were very low.
Stalag IVB, Muhlberg-on-Elbe(R.Raynard, T. Ransom, and L.Butler were all in the same camp).
Stalag IVB was the only camp liberated by the Russians in April 1945. After two weeks marched to Riesa
(approx. 20 miles). Stayed there for several weeks, then American trucks took us to Halle, flew from there to Brussels and then to England.
Received Commission as a P/O in England in May 1945.
Lance was demobbed in Toronto on October 16, 1945.
He was a carpenter in Toronto; Safety Inspector on Eaton Centre, Tor-Dom Centre, CN Tower and several other projects.
He was married to Mary and they had 3 girls: 6 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren
My wife Mary and I celebrated our 50th wedding Anniversary on October 6, 1996.       February 7, 2002.
Mary died February 12, 2000.