Richard was born on the 11 of October 1918 at Seattle, Washington USA.
Pre-Service he attneded McGill University in Civil Engineering.
He enlisted in the RCAF in 1940 at Lachine>
He trained at Belleville ITS.; St. Thomas; Fingal; Aylmer; St. Athans, Wales, Flight Engineering School.
He was awarded a Flight Engineering wing.
He was posted overseas in 1944 stationed at Topcliffe, Dishforth.
Posted to #420 Squadron in 6 Group Bomber Command.
His crew consisted of: Pilot- J.Heggie; BA - A. Tunnoch; Nav. G.Farndale; WAG - W. Melnyck; MUG - Stone;
Rear Gunner - T. Burnett.
After VE Day I was re-assigned to an experienced crew to fly home. Flew from Tholthorpe to Torquay to St. Maugan, to Lagens to Azores to New Brunswick.  Volunteered for continued service but VJ Day arrived.
Total training flying time in England: 129.30 hours night and day.
I was demobbed at Moncton, NB, on August 1945.
Finished Civil Engineering ( last two years through DVA) and graduated from McGill in 1947. Employed by the City if Scarborough from 1952 - 1979, retiring as Director of Design and Construction.
Married to Isabella M. Christie, September 30. 1944. One son born November 7, 1948, died July 21, 1994. One grandchild Daniel, age 15.     February 7, 2002