Type: Maritime patrol bomber
Powerplant:two 820-kw(1,100-hp) Wright GR-1820-G-102A radial piston engines.
Performance: maximum speed 396 km/h(246mph); at 1980m(6,500 ft.); service ceiling 7620m
(25,000 ft.) range 3154 km (1,960 miles)
Weights:empty 5276 kg,(11,630 lb.);maximum take-off 7938 kg.(17,500 lb.)
Dimensions:span 19.96 m(65ft 0in) length 13.51 m(44ft 4in);height 3.61 m(11ft,10in.)wing area 51.19m
squared(551 sq.ft.)
Armament: two 7.7-mm(0.303 in) forward-firing machine-guns and two similar weapons in a dorsal
turret plus up to 635 kg (1,400 lb.) of bombs or depth charges in internal bomb bay.