John was born at Rayleigh, Essex, England on October 24, 1921 and was educated to High School graduation followed by one year insurance studies,
He enlisted at Cardington, England on November 1940.

His training consisted of ITS at Torquay, England and then he was shipped to Canada where he trained at Winnipeg, Dauphin, and Rivers, Manitoba and received his Observer Wing in November, 1941.
He was posted to the UK in December 1941 and did his Operational Training Unit at Siloth, England.
He served on #53 and #172 Squadrons, Coastal Command, from Bircham Newton, St.Eval, and later from Providence, R.I., and Trinidad.

Most Memorable Operation

John has memories and mixed feelings, no doubt, about July 9, 1943 when, returning to base after a 13 hour patrol over the Bay of Biscay in a Liberator, his aircraft was attacked by seven JU 88s, killing an air-gunner and severely wounding another. Two engines were badly shot-up and the aircraft crashed at base. After debriefing and a medical check-up, John went to his room and found a telegram informing that his wife of six months had arrived that day from Canada and he says, ďI didnít even know that she was coming.
John was demobbed at Cardington, England in August of 1946.

Post Service Career

John subsequently emigrated to Canada where he pursued a career as a marine underwriting agent.
John and Kathleen have two children, a boy and a girl.