Dabby was born in Toronto on July 19, 1921 and he attended Danforth Technical School were he learned to be a Custom Tailor.

Dabby enlisted in the RCAF in Toronto on July, 1941. He served at #1 Manning Depot at Toronto; #1 ITS  at Toronto;#4 AOS, at London, Ontario: #1 B&G, at Jarvis, Ontario. He was awarded his Observer Wing October 23 1942 and was posted to the UK.
He arrived in England and was posted to #3 PRC at Bournemouth and from there, posted to an Operational Training Unit at Ather Stone and Per Shore. Having finished his OTU he was posted to 432 Squadron, the RCAF ‘Leaside’ Squadron of 6 Group Bomber Command at Skipton-on-Swale.
His crew were Pilot - Sgt. RC Burgess; WAG - Sgt. W. Calderwood; AG - Sgt. JB Bell; AG - Sgt. JD Mufford.

Most Memorable Operation

“The night that I was shot down stands out as a most vivid recollection. Unfortunately I never again met up with the other members of my crew, therefore l was unable to determine whether any survived the crash”.
“Shot down over Cologne, night of 3/4th of July 1943. We were coned by searchlights, but shot down by an ME109. Bailed out over Cologne, and after wandering for 4 days, picked up by German soldiers”.
He served in Prisoner of War Camps:- Dulag Luft, Frankfurt; Stalag Luft 6, Heydekrug; Stalag 357, Folling Bostel. Liberated on the “march” May 17, 1945.

“Dabby”- POW for 2 1/2 yrs.

His favourite pipe.