Bob was born in Toronto on November 1, 1920. He was in first year University in Trinity College at the U. of T prior to enlistment.
He enlisted in Toronto and did his I.T.S. there at #1 Manning Depot. He trained at #1 AOS at Malton, #1 B.&G. School at Jarvis and #1 ANS Rivers, Manitoba. He was awarded his Navigator Wing in 1940.

He was posted overseas to the UK and #1 PDC of RAF at Uxbridge in December, 1940. He trained at #12 OTU  Benson, Oxon., Snaith, Yorks., 1655 MTU Marham, Norfolk.

He was posted to 150 Squadron, #1 Group, Newton, Notts., and completed his 2nd and 3rd tour in Pathfinders in # 8 Group, Wyton, Hants.

Flying in Wellingtons in #150 Squadron, Bob completed 30 ops and was awarded the DFC. He returned to Canada in 1942 for Specialist Navigator training at Port Albert, Ontario, and returned to England to take the position of Navigation Officer for #1 Group. His next posting was to #8 Group where, as a member of a Mosquito crew, he completed two tours as a Pathfinder and was awarded the DSO. He returned to Canada in early 1945 and spent two months as C.O. of #10 Air Observers School, Chatham, N.B., before being posted to Air Force HQ in Ottawa in the planning department for the Pacific War theatre.