Bill was born on December 16, 1921 at Liverpool, England. He did a brief stint at Liecester University attending lectures on Physics. He had a Private tutor in maths at Liecester.
On April 13, 1942 he enlisted in the RAF at St. Johnís Wood, London.
His training took him to many countries; Ludlow, Scarborough ITW, #15 EFTS Kingstown, Heaton Park, Whitley Bay, Blackpool, Moncton, #5 BFTS Florida, Trenton B & G, #33 Nav. School Mount Hope where he received his Observer Wing in the Fall of 1943.

He was then posted back to England to Harrogate. Then to IAFU Millom, #30 OTU, 1656 Con U., #1 Lanc F. School,
He was posted to #300 Polish Squadron, Faldingworth (No ops.) then to #103 Squadron, 1 Group(3 ops only),
#156 PFF Squadron (40 ops only!!), 8 PFF Group.

Bill was demobbed in January, 1947.
Shortly after demobilization, attended a university college course open to former officers with education equivalent of matriculation. Emigrated to Canada in 1948, took various courses including a three-year course at York University. Granted a diploma and designated Fellow of the Realtors Institute. Bill was a real estate broker and in business about 26 years, following a ten year career in sales of British and European knit goods from 1948 - 1959. Was appointed in 1992 to sit on an Appeals Board by the Federal Government.

He was married for 30 years and is presently separated. Three children.