John was born in Hamilton on October 16, 1921 and graduated from High School to enter the RCAF on March 24, 1942 at Hamilton, Ontario.
He started his training at #1 Manning Depot, Toronto, his ITS was done in Toronto then to
#10 B & G School at Jarvis and #10 AOS at Chatham, N.B. He was awarded his Observer Wing at Chatham on June 11, 1943.

He was posted to the Burma/India theatre of war and served on Squadrons #147 and #435 at Tofino and Imphal in India. His crew consisted of F/L Gordon Hutchinson,(Pilot); C.Braken(2nd Pilot); D.Miller(1st WAG);
James Grant(2nd WAG).
They completed their tour of duty on July 29, 1945 in India/Burma theatre. They had a prang at Tofino in 1943. And - most memorable occasion - Wings parade!.
John was demobbed on February 7, 1946, at Ottawa.
His career was with the Federal Civil Service - Immigration and Manpower Consultant. Retired October 16, 1986. Attended Ryerson Institute.

John was married on June 19, 1943 to Ruby Silk. They have two children Gordon(1946) and Carolyn(1948)
Unfortunately, Johnís wife died on September 18, 1993.                         26/02/01