Jim was born at Port Arthur (Thunder Bay) on August 25, 1920. He completed high school and two years of law school. He enlisted in the RCAF at Fort William in 1942.
Manning Depot was at Brandon and then followed postings to Dafoe, Fort William, Regina and Portage la Prairie. He received his Navigator Wing at Portage la Prairie in December 1943.
Posted to the UK he arrived at Bournemouth in February of 1944. Posted to AFU at Staverton, OTU at Wellesbourne, Mountford; HCU at Dishforth and Lancaster finishing school at Middleton, St. George.
He was then posted to #419 Squadron, 6 Group, Middleton, St. George. His crew consisted of: Ted Tedford (pilot); Doug Spencer (B/A); Charlie Thomson (WAG); Harold Rumball (MUG); A. MaKay (Rear Gunner); Bob Williams (F/E).

Graduation - Ft. William - Dec/43

Prisoner of War - 1945