Ed was born on August 16, 1918 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. He attended the University of Manitoba in General Science (completed 3 yrs., no degree.)
In the month of March or April 1941, he joined the RCAF at Winnipeg, Manitoba. .

He was posted to #2 Manning Depot at Brandon, Manitoba; #4 ITS in Edmonton; #5 AOS at Winnipeg;
#1 ANS, Rivers, Man.; #7 B&G, Paulson, Manitoba. He received his Air Observer wing in February 1942.
He was posted to the UK aboard the S.S. Andes and arrived at #3 PRC Bournemouth in April 1942.
From #23 OTU at Pershore he was posted to #405 Squadron RCAF at Topcliffe, Yorks. This was 6 Group Squadron (Cdn) on Halifaxs before they converted to the Lancaster and moved to Pathfinders in 8 Group.
His crew consisted of: Pilot - T.W.(Tom) Stewart RCAF; Nav. Sgt. Andy Anderson, RCAF; BA - Self;
WOP Sgt. Norm Brown, RCAF; FE Sgt. Jim Mackie, RCAF; RG Sgt. Jock Moodie RAF;
 MUG Sgt. Tom McCluskey RAF(KIA). Norm Brown, Toronto, died November,1996. Only Jock Moodie and I are still alive.
On night of Oct6/7 1942, returning from Osnabruck, became “coned” by enemy searchlights. In effort to evade lost altitude. Finally at 4,000 ft. opened fire on them, instantly every searchlight in sight was turned off. When we had climbed to about 10,000 ft., we were then attacked from below by ME110 and set on fire. Mid-upper gunner managed to bail out, but drownded in the Rhein river, near Rhenen, in Holland. The remainder of the crew were all captured the next day. It was our third OP.
Imprisoned in Dulag Luft, Frankfurt; Stalag Luft III, Sagan, North Compound; Milag und Marlag, Tarmestedt from Feb. to April, 1945. April to end - on march eastward away from approaching British forces, ended up near Lubeck. Liberated on May 3, 1945 by 11th Armoured Division, British 2nd Army. (Desert Rats)
Ed left the Airforce at Toronto in Sept/Oct 1945.
He graduated from the U. of T. (B.Sc.F) Forestry; Graduate Studies in Forest Pathology - MA.
From 1953, worked for subsidiary of C.I.L. (Industrial Water Treatment), Marketing and Technical Services
Retired in 1983.
Married Jean in England, June 1945 - Raised three children. Lived in Burlington from 1953. Jean died of stroke in 1988, on her 70th birthday. Happily remarried to Margaret since 1989.                  March 30, 2001