John was born on April 25, 1920 in Toronto. He enlisted in the RCAF on September 3, 1942.
He did his Manning Pool in Toronto and #1 ITS in Toronto and also his AOS at Malton.
He received his Observer wing at Malton on September 1943.

He was posted to the UK and landed at Bournemouth and from there to OTU at Pershore and then Conversion Unit at Croft.
He was posted to 428 Squadron at Middleton, St.George which was 6 Group Bomber Command (CDN).
His crew consisted of: Pilot S/L Beggs (RCAF); WAG F/L Ruff (RCAF); AG F/Sgt. Moore (RCAF);
 FE Sgt.Tichley (RAF); AG F/Sgt. Redmond(RAF); Nav. Self.; BA Sgt. P.Barske(RCAF) - Killed.
All members of this crew were killed.
Pilot - P/O Armour (RAAF); WOP Sgt.Coupe (RAAF); WOP Sgt. Paige (RAF); FE Sgt. Hortel (RAF);
AG Sgt. G. Lucas (RAAF); AG Sgt. Moon (RAAF); F/L Sands (RCAF) 2nd pilot.
Only memorable event was leaving aircraft with parachute in my hand. Aircraft out of control, so couldnít fall out of hatch -- someone pushed me out --- and he didnít make it. Fell about 10,000ft. before I got the chute on and open. Was wearing outer flying suit with pockets on knees and lost two packages of cigars, plus my boots
When chute opened, landed on top of hay stack --- could hear Germans below, but, they had no way of getting to top. Hid for two days.
Imprisoned at Stalag Luft 3, Belaria and Stalag 3A Luckenwalde.
Left the RCAF in July 1945 at Toronto.
I was in Sales - Sales Manager - Vice President - Executive Corporate Vice President (All with same company)

Married in Waterloo, wife now deceased, 3 children, John, Gail and Robin (all born in Kitchener)
Two lawyers and a computer genius)                                           March 30, 2001