Mac was born on August 12, 1917 at Peterborough. Pre war he was an office clerk at a Business College.
He joined the RCAF at Toronto in February 1941 and trained at Picton, Victoriaville, St. Jean, Jarvis, Pennfield Ridge and Rivers. He received his Observer Wing at Jarvis in December, 1941.
Posted overseas to Bournemouth and did his advanced training at Catfoss in Yorks. He was posted to 404 Sqadron, Coastal Command (Anti-shipping strike Wing). He served at various stations: Wick: Davidstow Moor:
Strubby: Banff and Dallachy.
His pilot was Louis C. Boileau.
Mac reports: The place: #2 (C) OTU Catfoss, Yorks. The era: November 1943. The objective: conversion to Beaufighters via the esteemed Bristol Beaufort. An early morning bicycle ride from “the mansion” out to the flight shack. We pause to watch a Beaufort on approach. Rather high, don’t you think? Near the perimeter track  - still high! Throttle back - down she comes - rather steep eh? ( We’re both Canadians, so is the man driving the Beaufort). Over the end of the runway now - still throttled back- down - down - WHAM! Open up  - he’s airborne once more! But look! Starboard engine has now had enough and departs completely from the dear old Beaufort and rolls across the infield with final bursts of pop-pop-pop. Meanwhile. man operating flying machine apparently unaware that starboard elastic band has broksen and gently opens up to guide the monster back to native land. Port engine responds quite nicely, thank you, and our valiant driver is now contending with early signs of starboard ground-loop as mother Beaufort goes chasing her errant power-plant and comes to rest facing in direction from whence she has just arrived! That was 50 years back and, though my memory fails me on this point, I think I know who bought the first round that evening!”
Mac was Demobbed in September 1945 at Toronto.
He received a B.Com from the U.ofT. He was employed by Shell Canada Ltd. in Aviation Sales.
Mac is a widower and they had no children.               November 29/2001