Jim was born at Fort William on June 5, 1913. He was employed by the Royal Bank of Canada.
He enlisted in the RCAF at Montreal in June 1940.
He served at Malton, Jarvis and Rivers where he receive his Observer Wing in January 1941. He was posted to the UK in March 1941.
In the UK he trained at; Benson, Oxfordshire, Oakington, Cambridgeshire, West Raynham, Norfolk and Wigtown, Scotlan.
He was posted to 101 Squadron.
Jim used few words to mention incidents which were obviously memorable and deserving of much more space as, “Only aircraft over Bremen - aircraft seriously damaged by flak but returned to base” and “hit gun emplacement on takeoff but crash landed with full bomb-load safely”. There is obviously much more worth telling in those two incidents alone.
Jim was demobbed at Montreal in June 1945.
Jim’s post-war career picked up where he left off, with the Royal Bank of Canada.
In February 1941, Jim and Eileen Adderley were married.                December 26, 2001