George was born on February 19, 1916.
Two years at the U. of T. Started to work at Household Finance in October 1936 in Toronto, transfered to Windsor and left to enlist. (Before enlisting in the RCAF George had a taste of military life in Sault St. Marie Regiment (Militia). Two weeks at camp wearing WW 1 issue uniforms and using woefully inadequate araments persuaded George that the war in the air might be preferable.
George enlisted in the RCAF in December 1941 at London, Ont. and he trained at #1 Manning Depot, Toronto; #1 ITS, Toronto; #1 B & G, Jarvis; #10 AOS, Chatham, NB; #1 GRS, Summerside, PEI. He was awarded his Observer Wing at Chatham on June 11, 1943. He did his OTU at Debert, N.S. and was posted to the UK.
He was posted to the Transport Conversion Unit, Leicester, England.
George served on two Squadrons - #145 RCAF ( Coastal); #435 Transport.
His crew on ops: Howard Janke, Pilot; Jack McCann, Co-Pilot; Richard Sutton, WAG.
George performed navigational duties flying supplies from Assam into Burma in support of the 14th Army under General Sir William Slim whose task it was to drive the Japanese out of Burma. Later, as the tide of battle turned, George served on aircraft flying in supplies of rice to Burmese hill villages.
George was demobbed in Ottawa in January, 1946.
He returned to HFC and was made manager at Galt, transfered to Windsor, then Toronto. Left HFC in 1967 to start Credit Counselling in Canada until retirement.
George Married Jane Goerner, Detroit in 1944 and they had four children. Jane died in 1967.
George has been active in community and veteran affairs for many years. He served as alderman for Ward 10 in North York from 1974 - 78. He joined the RCAFA and the RCL in Kitchener in 1948. He served as Vice-President and Membership Chairman of the RCAFA in Kitchener. Trasfered to Toronto in 1956, he was one of the founding members and Charter President of #437 (York) Wing of RCAFA and has subsequently served in all offices at Wing, Group and National level, culminating in election as National President in 1964. George’s voluntary service has been recognized by his having been chosen “Member of the Year” by the RCAFA in 1986 and by the award of the RCL Legion of Merit in 1983 for his service to the Todmorden Branch 10, RCL. In 1985, he was chosen to accompany the Minister of Veteran Affairs on a commemorative trip to Canadian cemetries in the Far East to pay honour to Canadian war casualties in the war against Japan.
                         December 27, 2001