Ray was born on June 17, 1917 in Montreal. He worked for three years as a newspaper reporter with Windsor Star, Toronto Daily Star and the Globe and Mail.
He enlisted in the RCAF on June 22, 1940.
He trained at #1 Manning Depot, Toronto; #1 ITS, Toronto; #1 AOS, Malton; #1 B&G, Jarvis; #1 ANS, Rivers, Man
He received his Observer Wing at Malton in 1940.
He was posted to the UK and did his OTU, at Abingdon. He was then posted to #10 Squadron, RAF at Leeming, Yorkshire.
His crew consisted of *Pilot - Sgt.Tony Moore RAF; **BA - Sgt. Jack Ogden RAF;**FE - Sgt.Don Thurlow RAF;
*RG - Sgt. Frank Walker RAF; **WOP - Sgt. Harry Stacey RAF; *AG - Sgt. Marshall English RAF;
** Obs. - Sgt. Ray Silver RCAF:      * Killed in Action     ** POW

 Ray was demobbed at Toronto in the fall of 1945.
Post-Service Career: Edited and published     The Etobicoke Press.
Public relations manager for J.Walter Thompson Company in Canada
Own P.R. firm for a quarter century.
Edited Canadian Atomic Newsletter and Journal of College of General Practice.
Author of 2 books.
Four children by first wife.
Married Lynne Hardy in 1977.

Since 1978 a member of Ontario legislative gallery. When Soviet nuclear engineers explained the Chernobyl accident to the Internatioal Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna in 1986, I reported the post-mortem sessions for Canadian Press. Then wrote “ Fallout from Chernobyl”.                        January 07, 2002