Short Sunderland MK V

Type:maritime reconnaissance/bomber flying boat.
Powerplant:four 1,200 hp. Pratt & Whitney R1830-90B Twin Wasp radial piston engines.
Performance:maximum speed 213 mph at 5,000 ft. service ceiling 17,900 ft.;range 2,690 miles with 668 bomb load.
Weight:empty --- 36,900 lb. --- maximum take-off 65,000 lbs.
Dimensions:112 ft. 9 in. length;85 ft.3 1/4 in. height;34 ft. 6 in. wing area; 1,687 sq. ft.
Armament: 10(four fixed, two in bow turret and four in tail turret .303 and two .5 in. machine guns, plus up to 4,960 lb. of bombs, depth charges or mines.