First of the RAF's four-engined heavy bombers. Soon replaced by the Lancaster and ~Halifax, and used as targer tug. The shortcomings of the Stirling were mostly due to faulty specifications. The Stirling had a too small wing, and the towering high undercarriage of the Stirling was required to give the small wing a sufficient incidence for take-off and landing. The Stirling Mk.V was a transport version. 2375 built.

Type: Stirling Mk. II
Function: bomber
Year: 1940 Crew: 7 Engines: 4 * 1230kW Bristol Hercules XVI
Wing Span: 30.20m Length: 26.59m Height: 6.93m Wing Area: 135.63m2
Empty Weight: 19595kg Max.Weight: 31750kg
Speed: 435km/h Ceiling: 5200m Range: 3250km
Armament: 8*mg7.7mm, 6350kg of bomb